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The company’s core activities are in collaborative research and licensing. Potential licensees pay Sporomex for advice and consultation to carry out feasibility trials using their compounds with Sporomex patented technology.

The company has been involved in the publication of scientific publications related to its technology.

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SEM picture showing spore wall
SEM picture showing uniformity of Lycopodium clavatum pollen
Confocal microscope picture of empty pollen skeletons
Confocal microscope pictures of filled pollen skeleton
Tablets produced from compressed pollen skeletons

Our Technology

Our microcapsules are 100% plant based.

Plant pollens or spores have their internal genetic material removed by a simple chemical or enzyme process to produce a non-allergenic  porous, inert, elastic shell, which is then refilled. The micro-capsule shells have anti-oxidant properties enabling them to help preserve the active ingredients inside. They also have taste-masking properties.

Sporomex micro-capsule shells are nature's answer to the plastic beads that have for many years been used in cosmetic and personal care products.  Due to their devastating effect on the marine environment the manufacture and use of the plastic beads is now banned in many countries including the UK.  Please visit our Cosmetics and Personal Care page for an overview of the use of Sporomex micro-capsule shells as an alternative to plastic beads.

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Pharmaceutical Industry - oral, pulmonary, topical & injection applications
Food and Drink Industry - encapsulation of fats, vitamins and flavours etc.
Cosmetics and Personal Care - powder for use in creams, pastes or liquids
Medical Scanning (MRI & Ultrasound) - image enhancement

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Micro-encapsulation for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and personal care industries