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Sporomex Ltd (Registered in England No. 4452391)

Sporomex® was founded in May 2002 as a start-up company from the University of Hull, Department of Chemistry and the Medical School. This enables it to combine the skills of chemical attachment or physical encapsulation with the knowledge of drugs and functional foods. The company’s core activities are in collaborative research and licensing. Potential licensees pay Sporomex for advice and consultation to carry out feasibility trials using their compounds with Sporomex patented technology coupled with an agreement related to exclusivity in the licensees field of interest. Following successful trials it is anticipated that a full licensing agreement will be put in place. Currently such collaborative trials are being carried out in the food, drink and cosmetic areas with four international companies. The company is actively seeking new collaborations particularly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and especially in countries where there are approved patents such as Australia, India, Japan and the USA.

Terry Corbitt & Grahame Mackenzie administer its programme with the day to day scientific work being controlled by a post-doctoral chemist. The research is mainly related to the six patent families owned by Sporomex. In addition the company has been involved in the publication of scientific publications related to its technology.

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Micro-encapsulation for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and personal care industries