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Spore exines increase vitamin D clinical bioavailability by mucoadhesion and bile triggered release.  Journal of controlled release, 2022, 350, 244-255.  DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2022.08.017

Pollen: a Novel Encapsulation Vehicle for Drug Delivery. Alberto Diego-Taboada et al.  Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology 2007,  63 – 66.

MRI contrast agent delivery using spore capsules: controlled release in blood plasma. Mark Lorch, Matthew J. Thomasson, Alberto Diego-Taboada, Sylvain Barrier, Stephen L. Atkin, Grahame Mackenziea and Stephen J. Archibald Chem. Commun., 2009, 6442–6444  Download (.pdf)

Sporopollenin micro-reactors for in situ preparation, encapsulation and targeted drug delivery of active components. P. N. Paunov, G. Mackenzie and S. D. Stoyanov J. Mater. Chem., 2007, 17, 1-5.  Download (.pdf)

Sporopollenin exines: A novel natural taste masking material. Sylvain Barrier, Alan S. Rigby, Alberto Diego-Taboada, Matthew J. Thomasson, Grahame Mackenzie and Stephen L. Atkin, LWT - Food Science and Technology 43 (2010) 73–76  Download (.pdf)

Enhanced Bioavailability of Eicosapentaenoic Acid from Fish Oil After Encapsulation Within Plant Spore Exines as Microcapsules. Ammar Wakil, Grahame Mackenzie, Alberto Diego-Taboada, J. Gordon Bell, Stephen L. Atkin, Lipids (2010) DOI 10.1007/s11745-010-3427-y  Download (.pdf)

Access to a primary aminosporopollenin solid support from plant spores. Sylvain Barrier, Andreas L¨obbert, Alia J. Boasman, Andrew N. Boa, Mark Lorch, Stephen L. Atkin and Grahame Mackenzie* Green Chemistry, 2010, 12, 234 – 240.

Electrochemistry and charge transport in sporopollenin particle arrays. M.J. Thomasson, D.J. Baldwin, A. Diego-Taboada, S.L. Atkin, G. Mackenzie and J. Wadhawan Electrochem Commun 2010, 12,1428 - 1431

Sporopollenin micro-reactors for in situ preparation, encapsulation and targeted drug delivery of active components. P. N. Paunov, G. Mackenzie and S. D. Stoyanov J. Mater. Chem., 2007, 17, 1-5.

UV and visible light screening by individual sporopollenin exine shells derived from plant spores. Stephen Atkin, Sylvain Barrier, Zhengganf Cui, Paul Fletcher, Grahame Mackenzie, Vincent Panel, Vincent Sol and Xunli Zhang Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B:Biology 2011 102 209 - 217  Download (.pdf)

Naturally occurring spore particles at planar fluid interfaces and in emulsions. Binks BP et al.  Langmuir. 2005, 30;21(18):8161-

Using nature to preserve fish oil. Stephen Beckett and Grahame Mackenzie Chemistry Review, 2010, 20, 10 - 13  Download (.pdf)

Viability of plant spore exine capsules for microencapsulation. Sylvain Barrier, Alberto Diego-Taboada, Matthew J. Thomasson, Leigh Madden, Joanna C. Pointon, Jay D. Wadhawan, Stephen T. Beckett, Stephen L. Atkin and Grahame Mackenzie. Mater. Chem.,  2011, 21, 975-981.  Download (.pdf)

Sporopollenin capsules at fluid interfaces: particle-stabilised emulsions and liquid marbles. Binks BP et al. Soft Matter, 2011, 7(8): 4017 - 4024

Sequesteration of edible oil from emulsions using new single and double layered microcapsules from plant spores. Diego-Taboada A. et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22, 9767 - 9773. Highlighted in Chemistry World Identified as a "hot article" for Journal of Materials Chemistry and highlighted on the Journal's blog (

Protein free microcapsules obtained from plant spores as a model for drug delivery: ibuprofen encapsulation, release and taste masking. Diego-Taboada A. et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2013, 1, 707-713. DOI: 10.1039/C2TB00228K

Hollow Pollen Shells to Enhance Drug Delivery. Diego-Taboada, Stephen T. Beckett, Stephen L. Atkin and Grahame Mackenzie. Pharmaceutics 2014, 6(1), 80-96; doi:10.3390/pharmaceutics601008

Sporopollenin, the least known yet toughest natural biopolymer. Grahame Mackenzie, Andrew N. Boa, Alberto Diego-Taboada, Stephen L. Atkin, Thozhukat Sathyapalan. Front. Mater., 19 October 2015.

Pollen and Spore Shells - Nature's Microcapsule . Grahame Mackenzie, Stephen Beckett, Alberto Diego Taboada and Stephen Atkin. In Microencapsulation in the Food Industry, edited by Anilkumar Gaonkar, Narij Vasisht, Atul Khare and Robert Sobel. Part IV, Chapter 24, Pages 283-297 Academic Press 2014. ISBN-9780124045682

Lycopodium clavatum Exine Microcapsules Enable Safe Oral Delivery of 3,4-Diaminopyridine for Treatment of Botulinum Neurotoxin A Intoxication, Tyler L Harris, Cody J Wenthur, Alberto Diego-Taboada, Grahame Mackenzie, Terry S Corbitt, Kim D JandaChemical Communications, Thursday February 18th 2016  DOI:10.1039/C6CC00615A


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